MV Celso Affonso M. Pedrini

One of the areas with greatest potential for performance of Homeopathy in Veterinary Medicine is in Behavior. Factors related to behavioural problems are prevalent for the abandonment of dogs. And, unfortunately, a large part of those dogs that are rejected by their own ends up being sacrificed. When, in fact, our best friends, who give us so much joy, affection, loyalty, make us company and even soften our solitude, need is of understanding and help.

And homeopathic treatment provides excellent results in canine patients showing behavioral disorders. How, for example, aggression directed towards people or other animals, separation anxiety, excessive vocalization, inappropriate excretion in house, destructive chewing, the phobia to noises caused by rockets and thunders, hyperactivity, compulsive disorders, submissive urination or by excitement, coprophagy, among others.

But in order to achieve a high degree of efficacy in our work we must respect the differentiated conception of Homeopathy, since the treatment must be specific to the patient, not to the disease, that is, a certain behavioral disorder. It is necessary to make a deep and meticulous study of each patient, seeking to comprehend it integrally, aiming at its individualization. Thus, we will be able to achieve highly satisfactory results, providing a more harmonious, balanced, healthy and quality life to our dear patients. Consequently, their responsible will stay happy and fully satisfied.

Dr. Celso Affonso Machado Pedrini

Veterinary Doctor


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