MV Celso Affonso M. Pedrini

Researches indicates that faith and spirituality are important allies for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Having a belief can improve the quality of life and well-being during recovery from an illness. Study shows that having a religion can reduce the risk of death by 30%. (See, 24.07.2013)

Who attends religious services at least once a week have 29% more likely to increase your years of life than those who do not attend. (See LISBON, Sylvia. The science of faith., February / 2014)

Believe in improving and in cure exert beneficial effects, which is scientifically proven. People receiving an inert substance, believing it is medicament, can improve about 20 to 30% of their initial clinical picture. This improvement is associated with a positive psychological effect related to the symbolism that treatment instituted exerts on the expectation improvement of the patient. This phenomenon is called the placebo effect.

By using infinitesimal doses of medicines, even in extremely diluted solutions, in which there would be no more molecules of the original substance, Homeopathy challenge the biochemical and molecular model of classical pharmacology. Thus, the improvement of clinical symptoms and even the cure of the patient by the therapeuthic system that uses the principle of similarity find plausible explanation precisely in the placebo effect, according to the Cartesian mechanistic paradigm of classical science. However, clinical practice and research suggest that the level of improvement in function of homeopathic treatment is superior to the expected by the administration of a placebo.

During eight years we conducted a clinical research directed to treatment of chronic conditions (including behavioral disorders) in canines and felines, with very interesting results.

We consider the most relevant the fact that 96% of these patients, who were followed for more than 6 months showed significant improvement in symptoms related to its initial condition (ie, the diagnosis related to the main complaint) and in their quality of life, according to the methodology employed (we used a own methodology) and the proposed evaluation parameters (in this case, the development of symptoms of each patient).

It is also interesting to note that most of these patients had concomitant improvement of symptoms of physical and behavioral order. What, in fact, it is what is expected, because Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole, not just the disease that he manifests. But for this it is necessary to individualize the patient through a deep, methodical and meticulous study of all of your symptoms. Thus, patients with the same clinical diagnosis, may receive different medicines, because the homeopathic treatment is specific for the patient, not for the disease. What is fundamental especially in chronic conditions, as was the case of patients participating in our research. Therefore, the improvement of the sick individual in its entirety is the desired through homeopathic treatment instituted. In our study, of those patients who were followed for over 6 months and had physical and behavioral symptoms before the start of treatment, in addition to presenting significant improvement in its initial condition, 90.9% of these patients experienced concomitant improvements in symptoms of order physical and behavioral.

Starting from the premise that the placebo effect in animals is negligible, since they, in principle, would not fully consciousness that they were being treated, the high degree of effectiveness in our research indicates, categorically, that the homeopathic medicine has a therapeutic value real and consistent, according to the results of this study.

The fact that classical science can not explain the mode of action of homeopathic medicines does not invalidate the significant results of clinical practice and the high degree of effectiveness in our study. Probably one paradigm shift is necessary for a better explanation and understanding of therapeutic action of solutions used in infinitesimal and extremely diluted doses. A plausible hypothesis is that the homeopathic medicine contains an energy field of electromagnetic origin, according concepts of modern physics.

To have faith in God, to profess and practice a religion, trust in the health professional and believe in the therapeutic act established, contribute to the improvement and prevention of any disease and significantly improve the quality of life of patients. Regardless of the spiritual and religious issue, besides the self-suggestion bias, homeopathic medicine has a real and true action, because contains, intrinsically, an informational therapeutic content, possibly electromagnetic, which is able to influence expressively the patient's organism, provided that there are the necessary conditions for this to occur. That is, that there is respect for the fundamental premise of the therapeutic system that uses the principle of similarity: a substance is able to cure in the patient the same symptoms that have the ability to develop in healthy organisms. And this happens, it is an undeniable truth. Regardless if the patient has faith and believe it or not in implemented treatment, as was the case of patients canine and feline that participated of our clinical research.

Dr. Celso Affonso Machado Pedrini

Veterinary Doctor