MV Celso Affonso M. Pedrini

I'm going to list 21 reasons why I consider that Homeopathy is not outdated, archaic, even though we are living in an era where we're increasingly seduced and dependent on technology and computer.

I. For not be based on biochemical and molecular action of the classic pharmacology, the homeopathic medicine shows no toxic effects.

II. Focus on patient – Individualization. There is a forecast of an era of individualized medicine in the future, by the application of knowledge of the genome project to pharmacogenomics, with specific drugs for each patient. And Individualized medicine is what proposes to Homeopathy, since Samuel Hahnemann, for over 200 years. Because the treatment is specific to the patient, not to the disease. And Homeopathy is archaic? Is outdated? In fact, Homeopathy is a cutting-edge medical science, innovative, of vanguard!

III. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole.

IV. Homeopathy is able to provide a significant improvement in the quality of life of the patient.

V. Homeopathy has a great action in mental level (behavioral, in animals). The area of behavior is a great field of action and a differential of homeopathic treatment in veterinary medicine, providing highly satisfactory results, in an area where the classical treatment presents big limitations, in addition to avoid overexposure of patients to the toxic effects of conventional drugs.

VI. I consider that the treatment of diseases of chronic character is another great differential of Homeopathy, especially when the classical treatment presents partial and unsatisfactory results. According to a study that I conducted during 8 years, to evaluate the effectiveness of Homeopathy in the treatment of chronic illnesses and behavioural disorders in canines and felines, in which I used an own methodology, 96% of patients accompanied by more than 6 months presented significant improvement compared to its initial condition (that is, how much to symptoms inherent to diagnosis related to the main complaint - the chronic condition in question). Therefore, the evidence proved that Homeopathy is an effective therapeutic system for the treatment of chronic frames in dogs and cats.

VII. When the classical treatment presents partial results or unsatisfactory. I consider that this is the great differential of Homeopathy. And it is exactly in chronic diseases and behavioral disorders, areas where traditional veterinary medicine presents its biggest limitations, that Homeopathy shows its inestimable value, providing a dignified life, healthy and quality to those patients who are, even, disillusioned by the Classical Veterinary Medicine, being, including, unfortunately, often condemned to euthanasia.

VIII. Homeopathy can act in synergy with the classical treatment. Therefore my option to attend exclusively patients forwarded by veterinarians partners, general practitioners or of other specialties. As is the case, for example, of Dermatology, Neurology, Behavioral and Orthopaedic, being that Homeopathy can potentialize the treatment by Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. So that we can act in synergy, in a manner complementary and integrated, for benefit our patients.

IX. Homeopathy is able to act preventively, acting at the level of individual susceptibility. How, for example, a feline, our patient, which featured frequent urinary crises, especially with the wet weather. With our homeopathic treatment did he stay 1 year and 4 months without a single urinary crisis.

X. Something to be productive and effective, do not need, necessarily, be expensive and complicated. Homeopathy is simple, based on nature observation and experimentation. However, I always alert, especially for the beginners, that for us to obtain the excellence in Homeopathy, we need much study, dedication, knowledge, criterion and responsibility. Thus, Homeopathy is simple. And the reward is on health, well-being and quality of life of our patients.

XI. Living beings will never be machines. We live in an era of inversion of values, where a vast majority live hypnotized and seduced by the benefits and comfort that high technology provides. However, we still need to breathe clean air, drink water supply and eat healthy foods. And because we're not automata nor robots, our need love, affection and attention. Without ever forgetting our responsibility to the planet and the life that we will leave to future generations, including our children and grandchildre. Commonly relegated to a secondary plan by Classical Medicine, the anxiety, the sufferings, the anguishs, frustrations, fears... Finally, the most diverse sensations, feelings and emotions that each human being has is extremely valued by Homeopathy. And, in my opinion, based on my observation and experience, animals, in its own way, also have feelings and emotions, as well as intelligence, respecting the particularities of each species.

XII. Homeopathy can significantly contribute to sustainability and environmental preservation, being used in the creation of animals and even on vegetable production, which is already proven in practice and scientific research. Showing extraordinary benefits, such as reduction of dependence to agrochemicals in agriculture and of employment of various conventional medications in production animals, which ends up causing toxic residues in food of animal origin.

XIII. Relegated to a secondary plane or completely neglected by traditional medicine, aspects of sensitivity, emotion and intuition are essential to understanding and treatment through Homeopathy, especially in chronic frames.

XIV. Homeopathy is a phenomenological science, evidence-based, fact corroborated by the everyday clinical practice, in addition to research, including that I performed in dogs and cats, with a high degree of effectiveness.

XV. Homeopathy has the potential to be a highly effective therapeutic system, since some basic conditions are respected and practiced by serious professionals and fully qualified. There are nearly 25 years, I work with Homeopathy. And from the start I noticed that she presents excellent results in dogs and cats. So, I considered important to develop a clinical research to prove scientifically, the effectiveness of Homeopathy. In this research, that I did for 8 years, using own methodology, 96% of patients canines and felines with chronic diseases and behavioral disorders, that they were accompanied by a period of more than 6 months, showed significant improvement in their initial condition and quality of life, through our homeopathic treatment. What proves the high degree of effectiveness of homeopathy in veterinary medicine, more specifically, in dogs and cats.

XVI. Science yes, not mysticism. The clinical practice and research demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathy. Although with a different conception, in terms of living being, health, disease, diagnosis, therapeutic and healing, beyond to having an unknown mode of action by traditional science, Homeopathy may not be placed on the list of mystical practices or exoteric, because it can be explained scientifically, using concepts of modern physics, electromagnetism, genetics, embryology, pathophysiology, immunology, systemic thinking, among others. So, friends, not mysticism. Homeopathy is science! That's why I consider very important to inform, clarify and debate regarding the therapeutic system which uses the principle of similarity.

XVII. Homeopathy is not ephemeral. It is structured on solid foundations and immutable. Since it was created by Hahnemann, for more than two centuries.

XVIII. Homeopathy employs scientific standards of experimentation. Occurring the reproducibility of results in different trials of the same substance.

XIX. Modern physics can explain the action of homeopathic medicine. A great obstacle to the acceptance of Homeopathy as a science lies in the use of ultradiluídas substances, which contradicts the classical molecular and biochemical model. However, some theories defend possible permanence of information related to the original substance, even in solutions that have exceeded the molecular limit. The study of atomic phenomena shows that, ultimately, everything that exists is made up of electromagnetic fields. Therefore, communication in biological systems, and of these with the external environment occurs via electromagnetic signals at different frequencies. Another model could consist in conceiving a disease not only as structural and molecular changes, but also presenting an anomalous electromagnetic field. Thus, the similarity between the patient's symptoms and the symptoms that one substance develops in healthy subjects, basic foundation of homeopathic therapeutic system, would correspond to the similarity between the respective electromagnetic fields. The information transmitted by homeopathic medicine could consist in a frequency guide, in order to correct the pathological electromagnetic field, something which is supported by concepts inherent to classical electromagnetism, restoring thus the health of the sick individual.

XX. There is not a single way of working with Homeopathy. There are different therapeutic orientation (the most obvious example is the contrast between the unicismo and pluralism), with different schools, in each of these lines, employing distinct methodologies often. And all present satisfactory results, each in their own way. Myself, I've been developing and improving a own methodology , since I finished my specialization, for over two decades, being the same one that I used in a clinical research in dogs and cats treated by Homeopathy, with a high degree of effectiveness. In this way, admitting use different methodologies, with so distinguished conceptions, Homeopathy is a therapeutic system extremely democratic.

XXI. Featuring a other conception, treating the patient, not just the disease, Homeopathy is a real revolution in science, being an invaluable therapeutic instrument and should be preserved as a valuable heritage of humanity.

XXII. Using another paradigm, being placed in a historical and cultural context where there is an expansion in the level of consciousness, and based on 21 previous reasons, in addition to support yourself in technology and appropriate instruments, which can identify and confirming the real therapeutic value for medicines that uses, in the future the Homeopathy will emerge and if will consolidate as a therapeutic advanced, safe and highly effective. Oh, sorry ... I had promised 21 reasons why I consider that Homeopathy is not anachronistic. Excuse my failure. But is that Homeopathy is the medicine of the future: Homeopathy will be the 22nd century medical science ...

Dr. Celso Affonso Machado Pedrini

Veterinary Doctor