Celso Affonso Machado Pedrini *

* Veterinary Doctor

Unawareness and lack of understanding about the homeopathic medicine action mechanism constitutes a major factor in that Homeopathy suffer great resistance from the classical medical science.

The study of atomic phenomena shows that, ultimately, everything that exists is made up of electromagnetic fields. Therefore, communication in biological systems, and of these with the external environment occurs via electromagnetic signals at different frequencies.

A great obstacle to the acceptance of Homeopathy as a science lies in the use of ultradiluídas substances, which contradicts the classical molecular and biochemical model. However, some theories defend possible permanence of information related to the original substance, even in solutions that have exceeded the molecular limit.

Scientific knowledge is structured in the used models. Perhaps may need to use a new paradigm, so there is a better understanding about the homeopathic medicine action.

Another model could consist in conceiving a disease not only as structural and molecular changes, but also presenting an anomalous electromagnetic field. Thus, the similarity between the patient's symptoms and the symptoms that one substance develops in healthy subjects, basic foundation of homeopathic therapeutic system, would correspond to the similarity between the respective electromagnetic fields. The information transmitted by homeopathic medicine could consist in a frequency guide, in order to correct the pathological electromagnetic field, something which is supported by concepts inherent to classical electromagnetism, restoring thus the health of the sick individual.

Although it represents a theoretical speculation about the mode of action of homeopathic medicine, what we ended of expose is based on consistent and recognised concepts by science. The confirmation or not of this model, it's a question that only time will be able to clarify. A different historical and cultural context, in addition to technologies, instrumental and methodologies distinct , maybe they can compose another paradigm, that has conditions to explain, in a more clear and precise, the mode of action of the medicaments used by Homeopathy, in order to justify its proven clinical efficacy.

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Dr. Celso Affonso Machado Pedrini

Veterinary Doctor